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Louise is a researcher associated with the UNESCO Chair on Hydropolitics at UNIGE since July 2017. She holds a PhD in Environmental Studies from University College Dublin and has broad science-policy experience gained over ten years of working with a variety of organisations in Europe and Southeast Asia. She currently leads a transdisciplinary research project on indicators and the food-energy-water nexus in partnership with Luc Hoffmann Institute, WWF (World Wide Fund for nature), University of Bergen, University of Maryland, University of Montana, KnowlEdge Srl and the NOMIS Foundation.


Louise originally trained as a human geographer and economist which led to her interest in development issues and environmental policy. Her technical expertise includes both qualitative and quantitative methods for valuing natural capital and environmental externalities for integrated decision making for sustainable development.Her PhD research, completed in 2007, applied economic theory and methods to exploring public attitudes towards waste management infrastructure and compensation for local communities in associated siting decisions in the Republic of Ireland. Subsequently, Louise worked at UN Environment in Geneva from 2006 to 2011. She supported multi-stakeholder processes on WTO fisheries subsidies rules reform and biodiversity conservation financing at the Economics and Trade Branch and conducted collaborative research in support of chemicals management mainstreaming at the Chemicals and Waste Branch. In 2012, she joined WWF in the Greater Mekong region of Southeast Asia to lead the development of a green economy regional programme.  She continued with WWF from 2014 to 2017 as part of the Luc Hoffmann Institute.   


Research Interests

Louise’s research interests lie in environmental governance and exploring how transdisciplinary science can contribute to improved public policy in practice. Louise’s current research focuses on strategies for integrating knowledge in governance of the nexus between water, energy and food in globally significant river basins as part of the Linked Indicators for Vital Ecosystem Services project.A consistent theme in Louise’s research and field work has been bringing people with different expertise and interests together so that new knowledge and capacity are created for tackling complex sustainability challenges.  






Dr. Louise Gallagher

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