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Telle Aline


Aline Telle holds Ph.D. in Law from the University of Geneva where she also assisted in the teaching of 4 courses at Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE). Prior to joining the University, Aline has worked in consultancy in the energy sector for a large range of projects from China, Turkey and the United Kingdom. She has been involved in sectorial industry development and training, as well as gap analysis on compliance to codes and standards set by national energy authorities for the construction of large power plants.

Doctoral research

Aline analysed the reception of international water law meeting a poverty alleviation agenda in a Least-Developed Country that is a Party to an international river basin organisation and the consequences of multilevel governance. She analysed the nature and mechanisms of interactions between the national scale (in her research case, the Lao PDR) and a River Basin Commission (in this case the Mekong River Commission) towards the implementation of international water law and questions if the source of law affects its reception within a River Basin Organisation. Challenging River Basin Organisations' governance and evolution, she argued that River Basin Organisations need a re-appropriation for specific regional settings, and a bottom-up approach to River Basin Organisations might resolve issues caused by misfitted governance and institutions. Aline worked under the supervision of Professor Makane Mbengue and Professor Christian Bréthaut and her research was associated with UNIGE’s UNESCO Chair on Hydropolitics.



Freshwater governance, environmental politics, environmental Law, river basin cooperation, water allocation, stakeholders cooperation mechanisms, policies and regulations implementation scales.


Scientific paper

  • TELLE, Aline. The Challenge of National Implementation of International Water Law: The Case of Mekong Hydropower Development in Lao PDR . (To be added)

Presentations / Interventions

  • TELLE, Aline. Hydropolitics in practice: The Lower Mekong Basin case. In: Summer School in Water Governance, Geneva Water Hub – Université de Genève – UNESCO Chair in Hydropolitics at the University of Geneva. Geneva (Switzerland). 203
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