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Tural Aliyev is a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Geneva (Institute for Environmental Sciences) in urban planning in the framework of “Swiss Government Scholarships for International Students”.
He received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Architecture and Construction in Azerbaijan (2005-2009) in Architecture and Urban Planning (with honors). After graduating, he continued his study in Higher School of Architecture in Montpellier (France) in the framework of the “State Program on the Education of Azerbaijan Youth Abroad in the Years 2007-2015”.
Then, he graduated his study at the University of Montpellier III (2011-2013) in Master’s degree in “Urban Planning and Territorial Projects”.



Research of Tural Aliyev is related to urban retrofitting of industrial areas. The particularity of this research is to analyze the territorial retrofitting on a large scale. This research is in relation of the processes of metropolization of the City of Baku as well as of the environmental strategy of Greater Baku. 




Research interests

Urban retrofitting, Cities in Transition, Environmental Strategy, Large-scale industrial territories, Urban Transformation, Transport communication systems, Urban Memory Studies, Disaster Risk Reduction for Waterfront Urban Areas, Sustainable Infrastructures

Research Region

Europe, Switzerland, Post-socialist Cities, Central Asia and Caucasus (Caspian Sea Region) 

Ma thèse en 180 secondesRéhabilitation urbaine des territoires industriels à grande échelle : la nouvelle matrice de l’environnement bâti et l'environnement naturel dans le cadre de la métropolisation de la ville de Bakou (Azerbaïdjan)

Presentation on Baku's Urban Development at Harvard University



Research Projects

Teaching/Enseignements (under the direction of Dr. Alexandre Hedjazi)

  • 14E104 DDUAP Option: Global Cities 1 : Développements urbains et environnement

  • 14E179 DDUAP Option: Global Cities 2 Workshop (Atélier) Urban Futures

  • 14E196 DDUAP Cities in Transition 







M. Tural Aliyev


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