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Saidmamatov Olimjon


Olimjon Saidmamatov is a visiting researcher to the University of Geneva with a Scientific Exchange project of the Swiss National Science Foundation. He is conducting research on water-energy-food nexus issues of Aral Sea basin with prof.Christian Brethaut at GEDT. He had the bachelors from the University of Bradford (UK) and masters from Urgench State University (Uzbekistan).

At the same time, he is developing biogas and bio-fertilizer solutions to Central Asia within REPIC project while developing the concept of decentralized solar-water desalination concepts in remote communities. These bottom-up solutions can mitigate water-energy-food nexus problems in rural communities. Studies with political approach at GEDT will nurture these practices to make smart decisions by policy makers.

Also, he conducted several consultancies to the World Bank, UNESCO, UNDP, ADB projects on water, energy, agriculture, and investments. His publications are on green economy, renewable energy targeting developing countries. 

M. Olimjon Saidmamatov

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