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Geneva Youth Call

What is Geneva Youth Call ?

The Geneva Youth Call is an initiative to unite the World Youth together, to bring our voices to the United Nations, and to contribute to the changes it needs. This call is for you! Be part of the solution.


What can I do?

At GYC we believe that the world youth has an amazing potential to generate ideas and create solutions. All it needs is a place to share and cooperate … and that’s where we come in! This platform was created to connect youth, spot important global problems, and generate new solutions together. Check our page "Contribute"


Have you ever thought about an issue that seems underestimated? Share it as a Problem Witness!
Do you often think about solutions to create a better world? Share it as a Problem Solver!


Imagine, for the first time, the World Youth will have its own place to build solutions together for a better future. All we need now is your energy to trigger Change.


What’s happening right now? 

GYC is currently working on the International Youth Charter, inspired by youth’s proposals and solutions from our forms. But it’s nothing like a standard Chart:

  • It will be the foundation of a Global Youth position in the international stage, including its values, ambitions, and ideals

  • It will directly include concrete solutions

  • It will be flexible and adaptable in order to best correspond to tomorrow's reality


What’s next? 

This summer, we will organize the very first of many International Assemblies at the United Nations in Geneva to gather you, the world Youth. This assembly, independent of any state representation,  will allow us to take stock of the current challenges and to draw up the first solutions that can be brought by the Youth. It will be an opportunity for the Youth Representatives to validate the progress of the Youth Charter and to meet UN experts. In response to the UN's call and with the support of the University of Geneva, we’re just waiting for you !

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