About us

Our Values

The Geneva Youth Call stands for the following values



GYC is committed to promoting and supporting Human Rights as defended by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). The protection and promotion of the Fundamental Freedoms of each individual are at the heart of our values.


 Respect for freedom of opinion and expression

Freedom of opinion and expression is a central concern for GYC. It is the basis for dialogue and change and critical elements of GYC's participatory approach. Under a caring and tolerance framework, everyone's opinions can be expressed and must be heard and respected. 


Respect for humanitarian law

We attach great importance to the right of victims to receive assistance, as well as to the right of humanitarian organizations to provide assistance under the following conditions: unrestricted assessment of needs, unrestricted access to victims, freedom to distribute relief supplies, respect for humanitarian immunity.


Promoting peace

GYC is committed to defending and promoting peace around the world. Any incitement of violence, hatred, or conflict goes against the very essence of our approach.


Equality and non-discrimination

Discrimination of all kinds must be banished from our societies to make room for better cohabitation and reduce conflicts. We condemn all discrimination based on origin, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, language, social situation, lifestyle, religious, philosophical, or political convictions, as well as those with a physical, mental or psychological disability.


Respect and preservation of the environment

Protecting the environment contributes to a healthy and sustainable society. All parts of society must work to defend this fundamental principle.


The right to and promotion of education

Education and its promotion are the keys to building tomorrow's world together. It must be of quality and equally accessible to all, in various fields and for all generations.


Access to Health

Health access and promotion of health must be guaranteed universally.


Overriding national interests

GYC has global ambitions that go beyond national interests and ideologies. The primary objective is to strengthen the role of Youth through global cooperation beyond national interests. The participants will, therefore, not be required to represent their governments.