Problem Solver - Regenerating "non-rechargeable" batteries

RegenBox is a collaborative research program led by the Association Atelier21 aimed at any consumer using "non-rechargeable" alkaline batteries to regenerate them.
By re-inventing from a patent fallen into the public domain, the first RegenBox was launched in 2017 as a DIY product (“RegenBox v1”). Economical, ecological and educational, it reduces the tons of batteries wrongly thrown away! There is an average of 85 batteries in a house and 65 in a flat in France (Sources : Screlec and Corepile) The alkaline battery market is increasing worldwide, particularly with the development of IOT objects ($7.5 billion expected in 2019). 1.5 billion alkaline batteries are put on the market each year. By recharging them we can reduce the amount of pollutants thrown into nature, as they contain heavy metals harmful to the environment (Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Copper, Aluminium). They represent the most polluting part of our household waste. In case of incineration, some substances concentrate in the biosphere and may endanger the life of animals and plants. In case of landfilling, the soil, rivers and groundwater are directly polluted.
On top of this, there is still no recycling solution in many countries, while recycling solutions in industrial countries are still very polluting, and using a lot of water resources. It proves that our concepts need to become the first solution. Furthermore, no information is available on alkalines batteries. Capacities are never indicated, as legislation does not oblige manufacturers to do so. Comparisons are indeed necessary to help consumers make good choices, for their budget and for the environment. To tackle this issue, RegenBox v1 product datalogs the charging and discharging of alkaline batteries. Our data logging solution allows us to benchmark the market.
In the short term, we plan to create a website where this benchmark will be accessible for everyone and build an end-to-end industrialized “RegenBox v2” product for the mass market. To use RegenBox you simply have to test your batteries, If it’s in the rechargeable range (0,9 - 1,4 Volt) you just have to plug the battery into the RegenBox. You also have to plug the RegenBox to an electrical source. 

D.O. - from France 

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regenbox.jpgPhoto by RegenBox