Problem Solver - Reproductive planning based on the use of digital health

Our solution develops a reproductive planning (RP) model based on the use of Digital Health capable of responding to local challenges in reproductive health in the context of Primary Care, with an emphasis on the occurrence of unplanned pregnancies (UP), and contributing to urban long-term sustainable development.
We are a team of young undergraduate and graduate students working in an interdisciplinary way with this solution to help create a world where all pregnancies are desired, all births are safe and each young person reaches their potential. In order to achieve the defined general objective, the following specific objectives have been proposed: (1) Identify the risk factors that predict the outcome "unplanned pregnancy" in the context of Primary Care, develop tools based on Digital Health to prevent the occurrence of unplanned pregnancies; (2) Develop a mathematical model for decision support for risk stratification of unplanned pregnancies based on structured risk prediction models; (3) Develop software application for mobile devices (link) for clinical use for data collection, for effective monitoring of reproductive health services (consultations and returns), for the control of contraceptive supplies and for accessible consultation by health professionals regarding the reproductive choices of women in their life context; and (4) Define and develop a web platform for reproductive health education in the context of Primary Care, allowing quick and simple access by community health workers to updated information on reproductive health. 

G.M. - from Brazil 

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