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Open Innovation Festival: A Hub for responsible and human security in the heart of International Geneva

The Security and Human Rights Academy (SHR) will unveil its major project to create a platform on responsible and human security practices as part of the 2021 Innovation Festival organized by OpenGeneva. The aim is to reflect, in the form of an online hackathon, on ideas that would enable Geneva to become a central platform for responsible and humane security, and on innovative and impactful solutions that could be implemented within the Hub. Between capacity-building, awareness-raising, and bridge-building, the Hub aims to:

  • Open up exchanges and reflections on security issues
  • Support security professionals in implementing humane and responsible practices
  • Act as a platform for exchange and interconnection between security and human rights professionals, politicians, experts, think tanks, NGOs, IOs, private actors, and the general public
  • Improve public confidence and protect human rights

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