Problem Witness - Lack of mental health services

Mental health is a serious topic and many people don't understand that..every year about 1 million people commit suicide and that's whats need to be stopped as a society we all need to play our part in giving light to this topic..we should teach our children and friends how to deal with it from a young age soo that in the future they can better deal with many disadvantaged areas services like WiFi and mental health resources are not avaible soo the person feeling suicidel can't get help because of that however we need to change that and provide services like mental health resources in these disadvantaged areas..topics like suicide, sexual abuse, domestic violence are topics which our society find hard to talk about however we need to change that thinking and help provide as many information about suicide and mental health services as much as we can soo..we can have healthy society.

S. A. R. - Pakistan

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