Problem Witness - Unequal access to health

Health is a fundamental human right, so everyone should have an equal access to health services. Unfortunately, that is not the case in most countries. In Guatemala, like in most third world countries, public health services are underfunded and obsolete. There is a lack of medicine, staff, and range, that results on people having to travel for services or pay large amounts of money in the private sector. There is a need to increase the access to health services to make sure everyone receives the help they need at an affordable price. During my visits, as a volunteer, to public hospitals, I have known people who walk miles just to see a doctor. People, who are forced to leave their families because of their condition. Parents who make the extremely difficult decision to stop their kid’s treatment because they cannot afford it and have other children to maintain. Health is a luxury for millions of people when it should be a right. The government must increment their healthcare budget to improve the quality of life of the people and make sure their rights are being respected.

P.G.O. - Guatemala 

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