Problem Solver - STEAM Education Programs as Youth Changemaking Formation Opportunities

Project STEAMex promotes innovative education through the implantation of STEAM-based programs in our region. Through the opening of multidisciplinary teams participating in FIRST Robotics programs, students are able to learn STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Arts/Administration/Altruism, Mathematics) skills, as well as promote to their communities (including diverse stakeholders) the importance of supporting SDG goals to improve our society. Teams participate in different kinds of activities, thereby also working in developing SDG-based projects to help our community. By making robotics accessible to everyone and by motivating our youth through STEAM education, we strive to develop global-visioned, socially conscious, world citizens. To learn more about Project STEAMex, we encourage you to follow our social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube

A. M. - Mexico

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