Terms and Conditions


Conditions of use

This document establishes the conditions for using and sharing content on the Geneva Youth Call (GYC) online platform. 
The "Contribute" tab allows you to share content as contributors on the platform as a Problem Witness or Problem Solver.
Contributors can only share content by filling out the forms available on the platform. When submitting a contribution form, the contributor must accept the present terms and conditions, the use of its data and must certify that its content complies with the values advocated by the GYC. The contributor has to tick these three boxes to submit a contribution form.

Verification of the Contribution by GYC
The GYC requires that any proposal respects its values and the Code of ethics and professional conduct for the Geneva institutions of higher education before and after its publication on the platform. Each proposal is verified and the GYC reserves the right not to accept a contribution.
A contribution previously published on the platform can be removed if it turns out that the content does not respect these conditions.

Patenting a contribution
When a contributor shares content on the platform, it is available for anyone or any use, thus not protected by a patent. It is the contributors' responsibility to take the necessary steps to protect their content. Contributors agree with this document that their content shall be freely accessible, used, and searchable at all times.

Contributions and Social media platforms
Contributors agree by submitting their content that the Geneva Youth Call can share it on its social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Under no circumstances will the contributors' data appear. 

Sharing contact addresses with third parties
The GYC offers contributors the possibility to be contacted by third parties. Contributors shall express explicit consent to provide their email address to third parties. A contributor's contact address will only be shared if the contributor's explicit consent, through the contribution form, has been obtained. 
Furthermore, anyone wishing to contact a contributor (an applicant) must make a contact request by mail to the GYC team. The GYC team analyzes each request to avoid any abuse. Besides, both the applicant and the contributor must allow that their contact address can be exchanged. In this way, the GYC shall ensure that no abuse is perpetrated. If not, the GYC will not communicate any contact address.


Data Collection, Use, and Storage 

The Geneva Youth Call (GYC) online platform is an integral part of the University of Geneva (UNIGE). Therefore, it is subject to the law on public information, access to documents, and protection of personal data (LIPAD). 
The GYC allows contributors to share solutions or problems within the platform. This offer is global and is not restricted to specific regions.
Any contribution as a Problem Witness or Problem Solver is made solely through the forms made available on the GYC platform.

Data processing
The data will be processed on behalf of the UNIGE by the students responsible for the project. Therefore, and according to art. 13 of the LIPAD, this is a form of sub-contracting. A confidentiality agreement has been signed between the UNIGE and all those who will be processing and collecting personal data.

Anonymous data collection, processing, and storage
The GYC anonymously collects the following data for statistical purposes.

  • Age

  • Sex/Gender

  • Country of origin

  • Level of education

These data are anonymous and cannot be linked to the contributors. According to the LIPAD, these data are not personal, as they are processed anonymously and for statistical purposes. 

Collection, processing, and storage of personal data 
The collection of personal data by the GYC shall be limited to the specific case and shall comply with art. 38 of the LIPAD. The collection of data and the purposes for which it is processed must be recognizable to the persons concerned.
Therefore, personal data will be collected through the forms made available on the platform to allow the GYC team to contact the contributors.
The personal data collected are as follows:

  • Name

  • First name

  • Email address

Sharing data with Third Parties
GYC also offers contributors the possibility to be contacted by third parties if a contact request is made to the GYC team. Contributors shall express explicit consent to provide their email address to third parties in the contribution forms by ticking the following box:

  • Do you accept that your contact address (email) be transmitted to a user/contributor of the platform to contact you directly? If so, a contact request will first have to be made to the GYC team, who will evaluate the request before accepting or refusing to share your contact address.

A contributor's contact address will only be shared if the contributor's explicit consent has been received. A relevant contact request has been made to the GYC team to avoid any abuse. 
Both the applicant and the contributor must agree that their contact (email) addresses may be exchanged. In this way, the GYC shall ensure that no abuse is perpetrated. Both consents must be given, otherwise, no contact can be made through the GYC. 
This option proposed by the GYC is made following art. 39 para.9 and 10 of the LIPAD. The latter stipulates that personal data communication to a third party under private law is only possible if justified by a private interest worthy of the protection of the applicant without an overriding interest of the persons concerned. 

Sharing on the platform and social networks
In the contribution forms, contributors will be explicitly asked whether they agree to have their content shared on the GYC platform and the GYC social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Their contribution may also be shared in the GYC newsletter. Personal data will not be shared under any circumstances.

Modification or deletion of the contribution
Each contribution can be modified or deleted by the contributor if a request is made to the GYC.