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Course Choice Advanced Methodologies for Clinical Trial (CLINI20)
Children at the Heart of Human Rights (CHIL20)
Drugs, Health and Human Rights (DRUG20)
Global and Regional Migration Governance (MIGR20)
Global Citizenship Education (CITI20)
International Cultural Heritage Law (ICHL20)
Data Analytics: M1 (DATA201)
Data Analytics: M1 + M2 (DATA202)
Data Analytics: M1 + M2 + M3 (DATA203)
Data Analytics: M2 (DATA204)
Data Analytics: M2 + M3 (DATA205)
Data Analytics: M3 (DATA206)
International Humanitarian Law (INTL203)
International Law (INTL202)
International Law & International Humanitarian Law (INTL201)
Digital Law (DIGI20)
Latin American International Arbitration Course (LAIA20)
Prejudice, Discrimination, and Diversity (PREJ20)
Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes (SUBM20)
Sustainability Transitions: Design, Diplomacy and Data (SUST20)

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