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The University of Geneva, together with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), will organize a two-weeks WIPO-University of Geneva Summer School on Intellectual Property (June 24 to July 5). The Summer School will take place during the first week (June 24 to June 28) at the WIPO Headquarters, and during the second week (July 1 to July 5) in the premises of the University of Geneva Law School. The Summer School is open to approximately 90 senior students (graduate and postgraduate students) and young professionals from any field of study or discipline (from law to economics).

During this year’s edition, the second IP Researcher Europe (IPRE) organized by the University of Geneva jointly with WIPO and the World Trade Organization (WTO) will take place on Friday, 28 June 2019 at WIPO and on Saturday, 29 June at WTO within the framework of the Summer School. IPRE aims at bringing together IP academics and researchers to present and discuss their papers and works-in-progress with academic colleagues, policy makers, and other stakeholders.

The Summer School offers an invaluable education program in intellectual property (IP). Selected applicants will be notified three weeks after the registration deadline that shall be made online on the WIPO website except for applicants from the University of Geneva who can apply for a free participation.

Credit : Copyright: WIPO. Photo: Emmanuel Berrod

Summer School Objectives

The objective of the Summer School is to provide an opportunity for advanced students or young professionals to acquire deeper knowledge of Intellectual Property (IP), and to gain an appreciation of IP as a tool for economic, social, cultural and technological development and the role WIPO plays in the global administration of IP.

The Summer School program covers all main areas of IP (namely, patent law, trademarks, designs and copyright) through a pragmatic, interactive approach. Lecturers are IP experts at WIPO, the University of Geneva, or other institutions.

For more information, click here for the official WIPO press release.

Eligibility requierments

Participation is not limited to law students. Students in other fields are also encouraged to apply.

Proficiency in English is required. All applicants are required to have successfully completed the WIPO distance learning General Course on Intellectual Property (http://www.wipo.int/academy/en/courses/distance_learning/) before the registration deadline. Please note that priority will be given to those who have completed the said course in the selection of participants.

Participants are responsible for their own travel to and from Geneva, accommodation and living expenses during their participation of the program.

Registration is now open open. Please carefully read the instructions below.


External applicants (non UNIGE students) wishing to take part to the summer school under standard conditions (with registration fees) must apply online (WIPO website) by following the instructions at: https://welc.wipo.int/acc/index.jsf?page=wssCatalog.xhtml&cc=WSSCH&lang=en&#plus_WSSCH

University of Geneva:

Prof. Jacques de Werra, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

Dr Yaniv Benhamou, Executive Director, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva

Hélène Bruderer, Coordinator, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva


WIPO Summer school coordinator: summerschool.geneva@wipo.int

Download the full programm of the 2018edition (pdf)

Programs of previous editions of the WIPO-Unige Summer School are available at:

Note: Changes to the draft program may be made at any time prior to the start of the course.

Levente Szegedi - 2018

Excellent opportunity...

"Open-mindedness, cultural diversity, various academic and professional backgrounds among participants, top speakers, two venues, a well-organized programme, and the common interest in intellectual property all adds up and creates an inspiring environment for the amazing two week WIPO-UNIGE Summer School on IP.

Excellent opportunity to gain an overview of IP Law on an international level with a practical and global approach."

Emma Kobayashi - 2018

... excellent for those who are fascinated by IP with global mind

Valuable experience of two weeks at WIPO/UNIGE IP summer school – learning from and discussing with talented colleagues from all over the world and diverse IP experts working at various renowned organizations. This is excellent for those who are fascinated by IP with global mind!

Oksana POPRUGA – 2018

Outstanding speakers ... Highly recommended!

The WIPO/UNIGE Summer School on IP has been a remarkable professional experience. Excellent entry point into the complicated and cross-cutting world of the IP. Good balance of birds-view background/case study material from around the world. Interaction with the fantastic Summer School team and outstanding speakers is an extra advantage versus the distance learning programmes. Highly recommended.

Mehek KAPOOR - 2018

Absolutely fantastic Summer Programme!

Absolutely fantastic Summer Programme! Exchange of opinions, great discussions and group activities, excellent speakers! The UNIGE-WIPO Summer School is the perfect event to get a complete overview of the current International Intellectual Property Law and Policy!

Bunchai CHAMNANPRAI – 2018

... enthusiastic participants

WIPO-UNIGE IP Summer School gathers sharing knowledge, wider perspectives and unique contributions among enthusiastic participants and the team of experienced speakers and facilitators.

Grace AGUILAR -2017

Enriching experience

Being part of the WIPO Summer School 2017 was an enriching experience as it allowed me to learn and discuss about all current IP issues with people from other countries who have different academic and professional backgrounds and exchange points of view with them. It was also an opportunity to know how IP is managed in other countries and on an international level.