Programme Overview

Global and Regional Migration Governance

Next edition will take place in summer 2023. Dates to be confirmed.
Registration for summer 2023 will open in December 2022.


Learn about migration governance from leading international organizations and experts

  • Gain an interdisciplinary perspective
  • Network with experts working in the field
  • Visit the leading organizations in International Geneva
  • Learn about regional migration initiatives

The summer school offers a unique opportunity to learn and discuss about structures, actors, processes and challenges of global and regional migration governance in dialogue with international academic experts and practitioners from pertinent international organizations and NGOs based in Geneva. This will be achieved through lectures from academics and experts in the field and visits of leading organizations and NGOs like ILO, IOM, UNHCR and ICRC in combination with targeted workshops.

A Global perspective…

Next to lectures on the causes, forms and implications of forced and voluntary migration, the focus will be on the multi-layered governance of international mobility, migrant rights, and refugee protection. Academic lectures will include inputs from different social science disciplines including law, political science, sociology and international relations. Students will learn about the main commonalities and differences in how states regulate the entry and stay of the different categories of international migrants before getting to know the principal structures and regulations addressing these questions at the level of regions and international institutions.

... in combination with regional insights

Benefiting from targeted lectures by regional experts and representatives of international organizations, particular emphasis will be put on the role of regional initiatives in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe in interaction with multilateral institutions in promoting international cooperation on migration governance. Herewith, the Summer School directly addresses the agenda laid down by the United Nations' New York Declaration on Large Movements of Migrants and Refugees adopted on 19 September 2016.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will have a profound understanding of the state of play of international (regional and global) migration policy, politics and law today and will have established a network of contacts with academics and practitioners working in the field. This will allow them to either orient their future studies or refresh and extend existing knowledge.

Target Audience

Upper year undergraduates, graduate students and professionals with an interest in migration policy.


Participants are evaluated based on a group presentation on the last days of the two-weeks summer school (4 ECTS). Students wanting to acquire 6 ECTS have the opportunity to do so on the basis of a satisfactory take-home paper, to be written within a month after the end of the summer school.

Students will be provided with a Certificate of Completion for their course if they satisfy attendance.

Please note that this is not an official University of Geneva transcript, as Geneva Summer Schools courses are not accredited University of Geneva courses. It is the students’ responsibility to validate their course for credit at their home university before commencing the summer school, as specified in our Regulations.


Professionals : CHF 1’600

External students : CHF 1’300

UNIGE students : CHF 250


*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees

Course Director

Professor Sandra Lavenex


Global Studies Institute
Department of Political Science and International Relations - University of Geneva


Lectures will be assumed by an international group of scholars and experts, including political scientists, lawyers, economists and sociologists and will include workshops with the most pertinent international organizations and NGOs dealing with migration governance and asylum in Geneva, including i.a. the UNHCR, ILO, IOM, ICRC and the delegation of the European Union.


Coming soon...

Tiago, Switzerland, Global and Regional Migration Governance Summer School 2019

The GSS [...] was a powerful way for me to define the direction of my thesis


"I have applied for the Geneva Summer School on Regional and Global Migration Governance in an effort to understand the migration flows from an academic's and practitioner's perspective. My motivation to participate in it is tightly linked to the development of my academic interests during the 2 first years of my Bachelor’s degree. Heading towards my last year, political geography and political sociology have become my main fields of interest at the beginning of my academic research. The GSS, with its overarching inputs on migration, was a powerful way for me to define the direction of my thesis and the final presentation a great tool for me to structure it with a small group and get feedback from the other colleagues. I can certainly say that this was a major step forward not only regarding my research goals, but also in what comes to the quality of the encounters it provided on a personal and professional level."

Mohamed Dabo, United Kingdom, Global and Regional Migration Governance Summer School 2018

I was honoured to participate in this summer school

"The dialectic process and the practical aspect of migration within the European context are some of the best examples to examine within the framework of humanitarian law regarding global and regional migration governance.

Overall, I improved my understanding of the migration challenges facing the world today and I was honoured to participate in this summer school. It was also delightful to return to Geneva, which is one of the beautiful cities of Europe."


*Mohamed has wrote a blog on the Migration summer school on the programme's website. Here is the link

Valeria Spinello, Italy, Global and Regional Migration Governance Summer School 2018

Geneva is a wonderful city, diplomatic and quiet...

"I participated at the Summer School in “Global and Regional Migration Governance” and I have really appreciated this educational experience for many reasons. First of all, it was possible to exchange opinions regarding different arguments with other professionals, and this enriched my knowledge and it gave me the opportunity to confront my career with the one of other participants and speakers.

Secondly, the visits to the main Institutions based in Geneva have constituted a unique chance to see their functioning and how officers do their work. The visits were organised weekly and also in these occasions the confrontation with people working in the field was possible.

Thirdly, Geneva is a wonderful city, diplomatic and quiet, surrounded by mountains, where the lake and the nature meet the ideas and the treaties that both people and institutions agree for the human development and for a better world."

Mo Kh

Wonderful experience for studying , communcation and friendship . I found Geneva Summer School as an ideal and peaceful world which I expect. (Facebook Review)