Foresight and Digital Technologies

Come to Geneva and design the future of global governance!

This Summer School invites you to test innovative approaches and envision the future of global governance through the prism of digital technologies.


Foresight is based on the assumption that the future is still in the making, and that we can contribute to its creation. An increasing number of organizations and governments apply foresight methods to identify weak signals and capitalize on the opportunities they portend, as well as prepare contingency plans for adverse scenarios. Foresight also presumes the participation of a number of stakeholders with different views and perspectives. This is our approach to exploring the future of global governance from the perspective of digital technologies.


Today, digital technologies constitute one of the strongest transformational forces on the international stage. Internet, social media platforms, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to name only few have unleashed powerful forces that shape and reshape local, national, and international life. Digital technologies change the way individuals, communities, and societies interact with one other. They affect the performance of information-based activities and offer new modes of information flows, of interactions between people and organizations.


This Summer School will give you the tools and methods to envision the future, and contribute to co-creating it in a group. You will also gain insights on digital technologies and their impact of the international stage.


Each morning, you will discuss with experts from international organizations in Geneva and academic experts the opportunities and challenges raised by digital technologies on the international stage, and address the following questions:

  • ·       Who governs the internet and how?
  • ·       Do large tech companies govern through their digital infrastructure?
  • ·       Will blockchain replace international organizations?
  • ·       How can data help achieve the SDGs?
  • ·       Is a cyberwar coming soon?
  • ·       Can AI support the outcome of international negotiations?


In the afternoon, you will co-create the future of global governance and envision how digital technologies can help the future of an organization based in Geneva. At the end of the week, you will present your creation to this organization.


Course credits


The equivalent of 3 ECTS credits can be obtained (to be validated by the home university) upon submission of a paper.

Early Bird :

Tuition fees: CHF 690


Final Deadline :

Tuition fees: CHF 890


Special price for UNIGE students:

Tuition fees: CHF CHF 250


*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees

Dr. Jérôme Duberry

Jérôme Duberry is a researcher at the Dusan Sidjanski Centre of Excellence in European Studies, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva. His research activities focus on the participation of civil society in policy-making processes, and more particularly on their use of digital technologies, including artificial intelligence. His research interests extend to the different forms of governance in Europe, and in particular the federalist project. Within the Global Studies Institute, he teaches the course entitled "Digital Technologies, Europe and International Relations" and contributes to the cross-curricular course on digital technologies. In 2019, Jérôme obtained a grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) to explore how artificial intelligence can contribute to citizen participation:  Since 2020, Jérôme has been a member of the scientific board for the Think Tank Global Policy Insights. Jérôme holds a PhD in International Relations from the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain).

Session 1

28 June – 2 July (in person and online module)

9 AM – 12PM & 1 PM – 4 PM (CET)




Session 2

5 – 9 July 2021 (online module)

2PM – 5PM & 6PM – 9PM (CET)

8 AM – 11AM & 12PM – 3PM (EST) Students from North & South America


Please note: Changes to the draft program may be made at any time prior to the start of the course.

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