Science Communication in the Post-COVID19 Era

MODULE 1 – How to communicate in risk communication and community engagement
• Risk management communication
• Crisis communication
• Public engagement

MODULE 2 – Navigating fake news and alternative facts
• The anatomy of fake news
• The (il)logic narrative behind pseudoscience
• Media, social media, and books to address uncertain audiences

MODULE 3 – Build an online community to foster science education
• Online communities
• Convey fact-based information
• Empower science education for all

MODULE 4 – Science communication writing and illustration
• Write for a lay audience in a clear and concise way
• Convey the passion for science and its impact
• Use visual arts to engage the audience with scientific subjects

• CERN: Educational activities and Science gateway
• World Economic Forum: Top Link

Early Bird :

Tuition fees: CHF 600


Final Deadline :

Tuition fees: CHF 800


Special price for UNIGE students:

Tuition fees: CHF CHF 250


*Including 100 CHF non refundable administrative fees

Course directors:

Prof. Christoph Renner
Vice-Dean, Professor, Department of Quantum Matter Physics, Faculty of Science, UNIGE

Massimo Caine
Chargée d’information, Editor-in-chief, TheScienceBreaker, Faculty of Science, UNIGE

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