How do i apply for the Geneva Summer Schools ?

Please fill in the online application form

How can I upload my documents ?

Before applying online, you need to prepare the following ahead: a valid web link (LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google Drive or other) to :

  1. your CV
  2. a cover letter (maximum of 500 words)
  3. a reference letter (professor, employer...etc)

Be careful not to provide a protected url (intranet weblink) but a public url.

When will I be informed of the status of my application?

Geneva Summer Schools applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, as they are received. We aim to respond to you within the earliest possible deadline. This means that a course may fill up before the application deadline. We encourage you to apply early to secure a place !

Can I apply to more than 1 course?

Yes, you can apply to multiple courses, especially if they are at different dates. You must complete an online application for each course. Please note that you will not be able to take more than one course at the same time, as the course workload is very intense.

Do I need a visa to participate in Geneva Summer Schools?

Depending on your nationality, you need a visa to travel to Switzerland. You may find information about the visa requirement on the website of the State Secretariat for Migration. All visa procedures remain in the participant's responsibility and must be arranged prior to arriving in Geneva.

What is the language of instruction?

Most of the courses are taught in English. Occasionally, some courses are taught in French.

Do I need a proof of English proficiency?

No, we don’t require any official language proficiency proof. However, the Course Director reserves the right to refuse a candidate if the necessary command of English is not guaranteed.

I am a high school student. Can I apply to GSS?

Unfortunately, our summer schools are not open to high school students.

Payment and Enrolment

When do I have to pay the tuition?

The tuition must be paid within the time frame determined by the Course Director and communicated in Admissions Email, and no later than three days prior to the course start date. If payment is not made in due time, Geneva Summer Schools reserves the right to cancel the admission and attribute the place to another candidate.

When do I receive a confirmation of payment?

  • If you pay by credit card:
    • A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you by email within one week from the date of your payment
  • If you pay by bank transfer:
    • A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you by email within two to three weeks from the date of your payment

What is the Geneva Summer Schools cancellation policy ?

  • The Geneva Summer Schools reserves the right to cancel a course for whatever reason. The cancellation will be communicated on the website and by email no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.
  • Tuition payment (excluding an administrative fee of CHF 100) will be refunded.
  • Travel and accommodation fees will not be refunded by the Geneva Summer Schools and are the sole responsibility of the participants, who should keep this in mind when making travel and/or accommodation arrangements.

For further information, please read thoroughly through our regulation.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

We understand your financial concerns but unfortunately our hands are tied. As we are a self-financed and non-profit programme, we cannot offer you anything else than partially waive your tuition fees. You’ll have to pay yourself for accommodation, food, your flight and any other personal expenses during your stay in Geneva. We highly recommend asking for extra funds at your home university, private foundations in the field of higher education, the Swiss Embassy or even EU and UN agencies in your home country.

I am a student at the Graduate Institute (Geneva). Do I get the same discount than a University of Geneva student?

Being a self-financed program, we cannot offer the same price for Graduate Institute students than for UNIGE students. Only students following a PhD, MA or BA program at UNIGE will get a special price. However, when registering online, you can apply for a partial or full tuition waiver. But please note that preference is usually given to participants coming from developing countries or students with a very low budget.

Does Geneva Summer Schools provide accommodation?

Geneva Summer Schools can help facilitate your search for accommodation for your programme. We can provide you with a list of housing options and connect you with other admitted students also looking for accommodation.Please visit our accommodation page, where we have put together a long list of links offering affordable short-term housing options.


Will I receive credits for my summer school courses?

  • Each summerschool will indicate its equivalence in ECTS credits in its description.Participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion of the course(if they satisfy attendance and exam requirements). It is the participant’sresponsibility to verify the validity of the course and validate it at theirhome university.
  • Geneva Summer Schools will not be held responsible if the creditscannot be validated at the home institution, as it is the participant's directresponsibility to secure this approval. Please see our Regulations formore information.

Is Geneva Summer Schools connected to the University of Geneva?

  • Yes, the GenevaSummer Schools is part of the University of Geneva (UNIGE). They are directedby the International Affairs in relation with various Faculties of theUniversity. Please note that the Geneva Summer Schools courses are not officialUNIGE courses, and you will not receive an official UNIGE transcript.
  • Please visit the UNIGE websitefor more information about the University, its Faculties and its Programs.

Who are the Geneva Summer School faculty?

Geneva SummerSchools faculty are professors from the University of Geneva and internationalinstitutions, as well as invited professors from prestigious Universities arround the world.

I am a professor and I would like to teach in a summer school. Who should I contact?

We welcomeproposals for new courses through the Geneva Summer Schools ! If you have anidea for a summer course, or for a collaborative course with the University ofGeneva, please contact us at