GEPP.Exec 2021 Edition is going to take place on September 6-17 2021, in person and on-line.

Updates will follow.


 Executive Education


Sustainability has rapidly ascended to the core of the global agenda - and with it the need for quality training. This ascent has been crowned by the establishment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, along with other international agreements, notably the Paris Climate Accord and the New Urban Agenda. Through these agreements, the focus of sustainability gradually moved away from lofty, wide goals and towards clear targets and measurable indicators.

At the same time, sustainability needs in the private and public sector are booming. A sustainability-driven strategy reduces the cost of managing risk, especially in view of environmental and social hazards. It acts as a pull factor for recruiting top talent and re-energizing existing ones. Furthermore, it enables effective synergies with institutions, civil society and other partners. 

How to train oneself to address those challenges and opportunities? While a growing mass of technical expertise on sustainable solutions is available for most fields of public and private activities, solid training for sustainable leadership skills is in high demand.

Leadership is critical for sustainability efforts. To bring about effective change, a sustainability leader needs a combination of three skillsets: 

  1. The analytic capacity to decrypt linkages, identify the appropriate processes and organisations and align them with the global sustainability agenda;
  2. Specific management and leadership skills to initiate, govern, monitor and evaluate change;
  3. Knowledge of how to navigate the physical, social, economic and political specificities of the context in which the transformation will take place, eschewing cure-all solutions. 

The Global Environmental Policy Program Exec and the Strategic Sustainable Leadership Program have been designed to address this challenge.

GEPP.Exec trains on understanding and synergising with the global agenda through an intensive 10-days program in Geneva

SSLP trains on managing area-specific implementations of the sustainability agenda with multiple week-long sessions in high-profile international sustainability hubs.  

Taken together, GEPP and SSLP train sustainability leaders, that is full stack sustainability operators who can deliver.