SSLP - Strategic Sustainability Leadership Program


The Strategic Sustainability Leadership Program (SSLP) is an intensive program designed to empower professionals working on sustainability in public and private entities. SSLP trains the key hard and soft skills required to navigate and manage the complexities of designing and implementing sustainability transitions within one's professional setting

The primary aim of this program is to conceptualize sustainability through an interdisciplinary approach and provide participants with a toolbox of sustainability resources that can be customized based on their professional needs. Participants will gain the capacity to judge what tools are needed in what situation through the diagnostic method, design thinking, forecasting/backcasting potential challenges, and learning how to strategically utilize data in negotiations.

Core topics include environment, energy, territorial planning and development, infrastructure optimisation, finance, data and policymaking. Within the shifting dynamics of global governance, participants will walk away from this program empowered with new resources, problem-solving skills, negotiation techniques, and business tools required to lead tomorrow's world towards a sustainable future.



The program focuses on three interrelated ‘D’s: designdiplomacy and data

Sustainability Design skills enhance the capability to creatively locate sustainability needs and opportunities within a system, plan a sustainability transition and anticipate roadblocks and obstacles.  

Sustainability Diplomacy skills teach to successfully navigate multi-stakeholder negotiations, enrol allies and contain potential conflicts towards sustainability goals. 

Sustainability Data skills enable the acquisition, management, use and interconnection of information to attain sustainability transformations in both information-rich and information-poor environments. 



SSLP sessions are designed  by the University of Geneva in partnership with world-class academic institutions and expertise centres and enacted in a variety of locations.  

Each session is tailored on the specificities of its context, and offers high-profile training, networking and hands-on experience opportunities.

SSLP sessions are targeted at professionals, officers and consultants who desire to strengthen their understanding of the sustainability-related needs and inner workings of specific areas, and to acquire the tools and network connections to bring about effective change. 



Harvard  University's ZOFNASS program

American University of Beirut

Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy 

United Nations Environmental Program

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 

 United Nations Environmental Management Group


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