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Program duration

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15 ECTS credits
120 Teaching hours
Modules can be followed individually


CHF 6900.-


University of Geneva


Prof. Marcel PAULSSEN, Geneva School of Economics and Management (GSEM), University of Geneva


Fereshteh VAHIDI, University of Geneva


Fereshteh VAHIDI
Tel: +41 (0)22 379 97 16

The executive programs in strategic marketing will not be offered in the academic year 2019/20.


  • Meet the demand for quantitatively trained marketers,
  • Provide participants with the necessary analytical skills needed in light of the rapid transformation that marketing has undergone towards a more data- and fact-based approach,
  • Participants will learn pricing techniques and how to optimize the return on marketing investment​.


Executive with a minimum of 3 years work experience, wishing to broaden and deepen his marketing skills with state of the art topics, tools, techniques and approaches or executive from a neighboring field, who is considering a career change and who would like to work in the marketing field.


5 modules:

  • Managing Consumer Insights
  • Return on Marketing Investment
  • Advanced Pricing
  • 2 additional elective courses (from the list of modules of the DAS in Strategic Marketing)
In recent years marketing has undergone a rapid transformation towards a more data- and fact-based approach but many marketing executives and managers lack the necessary analytical skills. Today companies track their customers’ preferences, keep data on their likes, check-ins and other shared content on social networking services. This data yields important insights into how consumers interact with companies and each other, allowing businesses to make smarter and more calculated decisions and to better cater to individual consumers.
The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Analytical Marketing is one of the few executive programs that meet companies’ demand for quantitatively trained marketers. Participants will be equipped with solid knowledge about the latest analytical tools and techniques as well as best industry practices to make better marketing decisions and accelerate their careers in the marketing field.


Courses are held either over 2 weekends (Fridays: 2:15pm-9pm and Saturdays: 8:15am-1pm) or over 3 consecutive days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9:15am-5pm)

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a solid understanding of quantitative marketing and develop relevant analytical skills
  • Master techniques in pricing and return on marketing investment to help making better decisions
  • Apply quantitative approaches to inform the development of marketing strategies and programs
This CAS is a condensed executive program that quantitatively trains professionals in the marketing field. It will provide participants with the necessary analytical skills needed in light of the rapid transformation that marketing has undergone towards a more data- and fact-based approach.

Admission criteria

- Strong command of both written and spoken English
- A minimum of 3 years professional experience
- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a recognized university

Number of participants

Limited seats

Detailed fees

CHF 1'700.- / single module

Academic instructors have been selected based on their research AND
commercial experience in the courses they teach. Our academics
integrate the latest results from their research and bring their extensive
commercial experience into the courses. This approach guarantees
state-of-the art and relevant content.
Our practitioners have all completed a PhD at a leading university or
business school in the respective fields they teach in the program, but
opted for a management career. They now cover high level management
positions in industries directly related to the courses they teach.

"Marketing strategies and tactics as well as the methods to measure them evolve very fast. It is highly important for me to remain updated on the new tools to maintain a modern thinking approach in my workplace. I have chosen the DAS Strategic Marketing programme based on the variety of offered courses. However, since attending the program, the richest source of knowledge has come from a combination of my peers, their diverse backgrounds and business orientations, as well as the most recent examples provided by the professors. After some modules, I already feel comfortable to implement the concepts that I have learned into my work" MELANIE VANDENBERGHEM, Marketing Manager, Firmenich

«This program has been very relevant to the work I do every day as a Product Manager. » LOUIS MAJA, Product Manager, Audemars Piguet

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