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UNIGE Data Science Day - Promises of Artificial Intelligence: an Interdisciplinary Revolution

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15 September 2022 | 8:45 am - 6 pm | Uni Mail

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) Data Science Day is an interdisciplinary study day on artificial intelligence and its various scientific applications for researchers at the University. Each year, the Data Science Competences Center aims to stimulate a collective reflection on a particular theme.

For this edition, the theme is Promises of Artificial Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Revolution. To embrace the diversity of the work carried out at the UNIGE on this theme, this scientific symposium will be articulated around three dimensions of Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • AI and the fundamental knowledge on which its development is based.
  • AI as an applied tool in the context of a growing number of research projects. 
  • AI as a research object, which must be approached in a critical manner.

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Members of the GSEM are participating in several sessions:

Plenary Session - Promises of AI: An Interdisciplinary Revolution | 9 - 11 am | room MR 280
- Professor Stefan Sperlich, "Semi-soft methods: Machine Learning you can understand and infer on"
- Professor Giuseppe Ugazio, "The role and needs of philanthropy to promote EIAI”
- Professor Katarzyna Wac, "AI for Quality of Life Assessment: Where is the Human?"

Poster Session AI | 11 am - 12:30 pm | hall of Uni Mail
- Igor Almeida Matias, "Providemus alz: Giving you the power to foresee Alzheimer’s disease effortlessly"
- Clauirton De Albuquerque Siebra, "Explainable AI for Longitudinal Behaviour, Health and Quality of Life Data"
- Professor Katarzyna Wac, "Daily Life Sensing for Quality of Life Assessment: mQoL Living Lab"
- Rahul Kumar Jha, "RIP Customer Satisfaction! Measure quality as experienced by Customers for better diagnostic of your product"

First Panel / Roundtable Sessions | 13:30 - 3 pm
- "Causes and Effects: Aspects of Causal Analysis", organized by Professor Stefan Sperlich (salle MR160)
- "AI for good", organized by Professor Giuseppe Ugazio (salle MR 170)

Second Panel / Roundtable Sessions | 3:30 - 5 pm
- "Data Science for the animal's welfare and experimentation", organized byr Dr. Marta Pittavino (salle MR 030)


September 15, 2022
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