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Workshop: Introduction to R for data analysis and business analytics


R is one of the most popular and fastest growing languages for statistical analyses and business analytics. Unlike proprietary software such as SPSS, SAS, or MatLab, R is free, open source, and gives you access to the latest statistical techniques from its unparalleled community of developers. For these reasons, R is often the language of choice by researchers and data scientists working in companies such as Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Audience and requirements

Professional who wants to process, analyze, or display data, either in an academic or industry setting. No prior programming experience is required.

Program | November 29 – December 1, 2018

  • Day 1: The essentials of the R language and programming
  • Day 2: How to use data, combine multiple data sets and conduct common statistical analyses, including t-tests, ANOVAs, and regression
  • Day 3: How to make striking visualizations and produce elegant reports communicating the results of your analyses


  • Prof. Benjamin Scheibehenne, Cognition and Consumer Behavior, GSEM, University of Geneva
  • Dr Dirk Wulff, Researcher specialized in decision-making and formal models of cognition, University of Basel
  • Dr Nathaniel Phillips, Data and decision scientist specialized in machine learning, statistical inference, and the R programming language, Roche

University of Geneva, Uni Mail
40 bd du Pont-d'Arve – 1211 Genève 4
Day 1 + Day 2 am: Room M 5383 | Day 2 pm + Day 3: Room M 5389

November 29, 2018
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