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Prof. Sebastian Engelke receives the Lambert Award 2021


GSEM Professor Sebastian Engelke received the Johann Heinrich Lambert Award 2021 for his contributions in the fields of extreme value theory and graphical models.

The Lambert Award entitles the winner to a plenary talk at the Swiss Statistics Meeting of the year it was awarded, and Prof. Engelke spoke on the topic, “Graph structures, sparsity and high-dimensional inference for extremes”.

The Lambert Award was established by the Swiss Statistical Society (SSS) in 2013 to recognize the work of young statisticians.

Prof. Engelke has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the from University of Goettingen and has been an Associate Professor at the Research Center for Statistics since 2018. In addition to extreme value theory and graphical models, his research interests are in spatial statistics and data science.

> Download his plenary talk:

October 14, 2021
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