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Self-evaluation and individualized content by Oumaima Ajmi

Dr. Oumaima Ajmi’s proposal selected following the GSEM's call for pedagogical innovation projects

Dr. Oumaima Ajmi’s proposal to implement self-assessment testing and an individual pathway for students in the Mathematics Preparatory School was selected for the GSEM Pedagogical Innovation initiative. The initiative reflects the GSEM’s commitment to developing new formats of teaching practices, improving teaching quality, and promoting innovative pedagogical methods.

The Mathematics Preparatory School is a four-day program that takes place before the start of each academic year and allows new GSEM Bachelor students to review and revise their mathematics knowledge before starting their Bachelor in Economics and Management.

The idea is to digitize all the Mathematics School's material and to:

  • Implement a self-assessment of the student's level before starting the Mathematics School so that students have a better understanding of their abilities, and the skills needed to undertake the bachelor.
  • The result of the self-assessment will allow for the proposal of individualized content according to the student's competencies in order to improve their engagement.
  • Modernize the content of the Mathematics School to make students autonomous in the preparation of courses. Moving to a flipped classroom allows students to prepare for their course in advance, while still participating in the seminars.
  • Implement a final self-assessment so that students can evaluate their learning and increase their confidence when starting the course.

The combination of two pedagogical approaches, the flipped classroom and self-assessment, allows the student to acquire mathematical knowledge and other skills such as self-assessment which helps students to recognize and improve their strengths and weaknesses.

This new model will make the Mathematics Preparatory School available continuously, and students will be able to improve their learning outside of the sessions.


March 7, 2022
  Initiative to support pedagogical innovation at the GSEM
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