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Innovation and analysis through case studies


Case studies are a detailed examination of a specific subject to gain in-depth knowledge of a real-world topic. They serve as a set of pedagogical objectives and are useful as teaching tools and sources of research ideas.

Case studies present managerial issues (including those of social and environmental sustainability), and through engaging with the materials, students can explore the implications, better understand the organization's operations and culture, and assess possible solutions and outcomes.

Professors of the GSEM’s Institute of Management are active in researching and publishing case studies.

In 2023, Professor Tina Ambos published a case study on incentivizing internal innovation and driving culture change with Ph.D. candidate Lisa Canova (UNAIDS Office of Innovation: Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Innovation), and on philanthropic challenges with Ph.D. candidate Ane Casajus (Philanthropy at the Adecco Group: Shaping the Strategy of a Global Corporate Foundation).

At the Innovation Debate held in November 2023, four of Professor Ambos’ case studies were presented and their findings transformed into tangible insights for the audience. In addition to the above-mentioned, the event also featured case studies on blockchain-based solutions (Sucafina: From Traders to Changemakers, with 2021 GSEM Ph.D. graduate Katarina Tatarinov), and issues of rising competition (a forthcoming study on Geneva Airport).

Also in 2023, in her work on human rights challenges, Professor Dorothée Baumann-Pauly contributed to case studies on human rights challenges in the cobalt supply chain (Teaching Case - Digging into the ethics of cobalt mining), and on a transformational business model for sourcing (Sourcing sustainable rubber: Veja’s business model to help save the Amazon).

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January 4, 2024
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