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Introduction to university studies workshop - specific to the GSEM Bachelor program

"My studies at the GSEM: what should I expect?", in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Support Center.

For students enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor program, three pedagogical workshops will prepare students for their first year at the GSEM:

  • Note-taking
  • Planning
  • Active learning

Followed by an introduction from two professors from the GSEM.

The training will take place after the Welcome Session of the 1st part of the Bachelor's degree on Monday 19 September from 2:15 - 6 pm in the following rooms (the distribution is done on the basis of the last name):

  • Group A-E: room M R080 (2:15 - 5 pm)
  • Group F-N: room M R290 (2:15 - 4 pm) & room M R380 (4:15 - 5 pm)
  • Group M-Z: room M S130 (2:15 - 4 pm) & room M R060 (4:15 - 5 pm)
  • Group A-Z: room M R380 (5:15 - 6 pm)

This is a presentation of the specificities of economics and management studies (technical subjects, mathematical language, strong quantitative content) and practical aspects such as note-taking, revision of courses, exercises, and independent applications etc.

These workshops are free and optional. While not mandatory, they are strongly recommended.


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