GSEM Professors awarded SNF grants




GSEM Professor Benjamin Scheibehenne received a grant for his project entitled:
"Parameter Intercorrelations in Cognitive Models - Prevalence, Causes, and Solutions".

GSEM Professor Jérémy Lucchetti obtained an SNF grant to work on
“New Tools to Prevent Civil Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications".
This research project is undertaken jointly with Mathieu Couttenier (SdS).

GSEM Professor Christian Hildebrand was awarded an SNF grant to work on:
"Behavioral and Psychological Consequences of Multi-Touch Computing Interfaces for Business and Society"

and a second grant to work as collaborator on:
"Perceptual Disfluency of Product Display Formats and Consumer Choice"


3 avril 2017