Projection du film " Si Bondye vle, Yuli " en présence du réalisateur Jean-Jean - 27 fév 2019

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Le Master en études africaines organise la projection suivie d'une discussion autour du film "Si Bondye vle, Yuli" (Si Dieu le veut, Yuli), en présence du réalisateur haïtien Jean-Jean

Mercredi 27 février à 18H15 en salle MR040 

"The life of Yuli, a hatian woman living in the Dominican Republic for more than 35 years, it´s been a permanent fight to rise up her children with dignity, dealing with the precarious immigration status which she has lived with. The child who caused Yuli to cross the border in the beginning of the 80’s is back and he finds his mother after all this time is still trying to fix her situation by the regularization plan that the Dominican government has launched. But, what really makes us belong to a place? How the links between the land and its people are made?"

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29 janvier 2019