US - China Strategic Competition in the Digital Domain - Conference - 17 June 2019


US - China Strategic Competition in the Digital Domain (An American Perspective)

17 JUNE 2019, 18:00

LOCATION: Uni Mail, Room MR 160

China has developed its digital technologies in the past years, with Chinese companies becoming leaders in cybertechnology (such as AI), and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The smartphone giant Tecno controls 30% of Africa’s entire mobile phone market, while Huawei is the No. 2 smartphone vendor worldwide.
While this has enabled dozens of African states to improve their digital infrastructure, many countries are cautious that allowing Huawei equipment to be installer in the next generation of ICT infrastructure will enable Chinese espionage. New Zealand, Australia and the United States have already banned Huawei equipment; Switzerland has allowed Huawei to build 5G networks for Sunrise in the country, but security risks are also questioning the Chinese firm’s involvement. How should states understand and respond to China’s digital ambitions?

Foraus, AZUNI, the Think Tank Hub and the GSI have the pleasure of inviting William Carter, an expert on policies and international norms in cybersecurity and AI, to discuss China’s cyber capabilities, as well as broader technology competition themes in the domains of AI and 5G.

William A. Carter is deputy director of the Technology Policy Program at CSIS. His research focuses on international cyber and technology policy issues, including AI, surveillance and privacy, data localization, cyber conflict and deterrence, financial sector cybersecurity, and law enforcement and technology, including encryption. He has spoken at events and conferences around the world and participated in Track 2 dialogues on cyber and technology policy issues with China, Russia, and Australia. Before joining CSIS, he worked in the Goldman Sachs Investment Strategy Group, where he performed research and analysis on geopolitics and the macro economy and produced reports and presentations on international affairs and current events and their impact on markets. He previously worked at the Council on Foreign Relations and at Caxton Associates, a New York hedge fund. He graduated from New York University with a B.A. in economics.

11 juin 2019