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Séance d'information organisée par le GSI
MA Santé globale : le mercredi 22 septembre 2021 de 9h30 à 12h, Auditorium (Campus Biotech - Auditorium)



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Teaching hours

Registration for teaching/examination

Students regularly enrolled in Masters courses

Students are informed of the opening of the portal and the procedure to follow by means of a message sent to the institutional e-mail address (University address). Enrolment in a course serves as enrolment for the examination. Students register for courses/examinations online on the UNIGE portal in accordance with the GSI academic calendar. Registration for the autumn and spring semester courses/examinations takes place several weeks after the beginning of the courses. Registration for the annual courses takes place in the autumn semester.

The Chamilo/Moodle platforms are tools reserved solely for teaching and can under no circumstances be used to register for teaching/examinations.

Only the entries made on the UNIGE portal are valid.

Enrolment in off-cursus courses

Students in BARI and the various Masters of the GSI wishing to enrol in courses outside their studies must take the following steps:

  • Coming from the GSI: they fill in a form available at this address and send it to the GSI Student Secretariat within the set time limits.
  • IF courses are provided by SdS and/or GSEM: they fill in a form available at this address and send it to the GSI student secretariat within the set deadlines.
  • provided by faculties/centres/institutes other than GSI: these are registered with the faculty/centre/institute concerned.

The courses followed outside the student's own curriculum are not taken into account in any way in the curriculum and cannot under any circumstances be repatriated within it.