Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for the Candidacy to the Masters in Global Studies

FAQ Master in Global Studies Applicants

What length and style should the motivation letter and letters of recommendation adopt?

  • Motivation letters should not exceed two pages. Other than this recommendation, there is no standard length or style.
  • For the letter of motivation, it is recommended that candidates address how this Master’s in Global Studies integrates itself in their academic and professional career plans. Candidates may address why they are interested and wish to work in the field of global studies; or how global studies plays, has played, and will play a role in their life and work. Candidates should feel free to express themselves openly and candidly.

Are the semester fees of CHF 500 for all students, Swiss and International?

  • Yes, Swiss and international students pay the same fee.

Are there other costs associated with the program?

  • No, there are no other direct costs associated with the program.

What is the estimated cost of living for a student in Geneva?

  • Students should plan for a monthly budget of at least 1,500 - 2,000 CHF. Switzerland is expensive, and Geneva is especially expensive for rent, even if less expensive options such as student housing or apartment sharing are a possibility.

 Are there any scholarships for the program?

Will my previous degree(s) be recognized?

  • Candidacies from all degrees of a bachelor level and above recognized by the University of Geneva are accepted. More details on UNIGE recognized institutions can be found here (French only).
  • As this program is interdisciplinary, candidates from all fields (social sciences, humanities, natural science engineering, and so on) will be considered.

If I am currently finishing a degree, can I still submit my application before receiving my diploma?

  • Yes, candidates may submit applications before having obtained their Bachelor’s degree. However, acceptance in the program is conditional on completing a bachelor’s degree. Accepted candidates will need to complete the registration process by sending in their diploma and final transcript before the Master’s program starts.

I have already completed my higher education in English for more than one year. Do I still have to provide an English proficiency certificate?

  • No, that is sufficient. In this case, candidates do not need to submit an English proficiency certificate. Instead, they may send in proof of the year (or more) spent in an English higher education setting.

I don’t have an English proficiency certificate and won’t be able to submit it before the deadline. What can I do?

  • Should the candidate be accepted into the program, they may provide a letter stating their intention to submit the proficiency certificate before the start of classes.

How long should the motivational letter be?

  • Letters should not exceed two pages, and typically a page to a page and a half is sufficient.

How can I submit my candidacy to the shorter, three semester version of the program?

  • This Master’s degree requires 120 ECTs in total.
  • However, in exceptional cases and depending on the degree of curricula overlap, credits from a previous Master’s program may be recognized.

When can we expect to have an official decision for the application?

  • Typically, between March and April. However, it depends on the number of applicants each year.

Is this a full-time program? Is it reasonable to work on the side?

  • Yes, this is a full-time program and working on the side above 12-15 hours per week is not recommended.
  • Some courses are mandatory, and many parts of the program require team collaborations for projects.
  • Individuals with a student visa are not allowed to work during the first six months of their stay in Switzerland. Subsequently, a student visa allows holders to work a maximum of 15 hours per week. Please see this page (in French) for further information.

Where can I find the course listings and descriptions for the first two semesters? (the third semester courses are selected by the student depending on his/her interest focus area?)

  • To be available soon

If I am accepted, where can I find student accommodation?

  • Please check the UNIGE dorm website here and find other student accommodation options here. Students are responsible for finding their own housing.

Complementary information

  • For all questions pertaining to matriculation, please contact the admissions office directly.
  • Candidates who finish their studies after the indicated dates, fill their registration under reserve of completion of their qualifying diploma.
  • Documents in any language other than French, German, Italian or English must be accompanied by an official translation.
  • Individuals applying to more than one program must submit their candidacy to each one separately.