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The Geneva Transformative Governance Lab


The EU and the Crisis of the International Liberal Order: A Systemic Crisis?

Academic Workshop at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva

Geneva Transformative Governance Lab (GTGLab)

4-5 April 2019

The workshop aims to analyze the ongoing multi-dimensional crisis of the international liberal order (ILO) and overlapping crises in the EU as a systemic crisis. The major themes to be covered with respect to both the crisis of the ILO and the EU “overlapping crises” include trade wars, environmental challenges (and global warming), migration, and rise of populism, Brexit and the decreasing legitimacy of international institutions. Selected papers’ publication is planned in GSI Working Papers and a Special Issue of Global Affairs Journal.

: PhD Candidates and Post-Doctoral Researchers from various backgrounds (e.g., International Relations, International Law, European Studies, EU Law, Economics, Development Studies).

Deadline for papers proposals: Please send your paper proposal (no more than 500 words) to gtglab@unige.ch by 10 December 2018. The final paper will be due by 15 March 2019.

More information (PDF)

Created at the Global Studies Institute in Spring 2018 by Dr Didier Wernli and Professor Nicolas Levrat, the Geneva Transformative Governance Lab (GTGL) conducts research on the governance of complex challenges using interdisciplinary and complex systems approaches. Given the unprecedented challenges in the 21st century, one focus of the GTGL is to study the factors that underpins transformation of governance systems towards more sustainable and resilient states. Researchers at the GTGL work  at the science policy interface including with international organizations based in Geneva to provide relevant evidence and perspectives. Based on the strenuous link between research and education in research-intensive universities, the activities of the GTGL feed several training and education programs at the bachelor, master and PhD level. The GTGL is currently developing a fellowship program.

Highlighted projects of the GTGL

  • Dr Didier Wernli is a principal investigator of an international collaborative project (JPIAMR) on the “Resilience and transformability to antimicrobial resistance in one health system” (2018-2020).
  • Professor Nicolas Levrat conducts a research project on self-determination in multilevel governance system
  • Dr Didier Wernli has a research project on the Regime complex about antimicrobial resistance which involves mapping the complex governance systems of AMR using an interdisciplinary framework and systems-based approach.
  • Ms Yuliya Kaspiarovich is doing her PhD on the moving sphere of competencies between national and regional governance related to economic agreement.
  • Mr Grégoire Carasso is doing his PhD on business taxation in the European Union from 1957 onwards.
  • Ms Flore Vanackère is doing her PhD on the mutation of the institutional and normative role of the traditional EU institutions, as well as the evolution of the EU-citizen’s political representation in a context characterized by growing globalization, complexification and institutional proliferation.

Recent publications of the GTGL

  • Special Issue on “Le jeu du droit dans le fédéralisme coopératif” under the supervision of Levrat N., Poirier J., with participation of Vanackère F. and Kaspiarovich Y. [forthcoming, in French]
  • Guillaume Beaumier and Didier Wernli. System analysis. In Key Concepts in Research Methods edited by J.-F. Morin, C. Olsson and E.O. Atikcan. Routledge. [Forthcoming in 2019]
  • Jørgensen, P. S., ..., Wernli D., Carroll, S.P. . Living with Resistance, p. (2018). Antibiotic and pesticide susceptibility and the Anthropocene operating space. Nature Sustainability, 1(11), 632-641.
  • Wernli, D., Jørgensen, P. S., Harbarth, S., Carroll, S. P., Laxminarayan, R., Levrat, N., Rottingen, J. A., Pittet, D. Antimicrobial resistance: The complex challenge of measurement to inform policy and the public. PLoS Med 2017; 14(8): e1002378.
  • Wernli, D., Jørgensen, P. S., Morel, C. M., Carroll, S. P., Harbarth, S., Levrat, N., Pittet, D. Mapping global policy discourse on antimicrobial resistance. BMJ Global Health 2017; 2(2): e000378.
  • Nicolas Levrat, Sandrina Antunes, Guillaume Tusseau, Paul Williams. 2017. Catalonia’s Legitimate Right to Decide Paths to Self-Determination. A Report by A Commission of International Experts. Available from: http://exteriors.gencat.cat/web/.content/00_ACTUALITAT/notes_context/FULL-REPORT-Catalonias-legitimate-right-to-decide.pdf
  • Jørgensen PS, Wernli D, Folke C, Carroll SP. Changing antibiotic resistance: sustainability transformation to a pro-microbial planet. Curr Opin Sust 2017; 25: 66-76.
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  • Wernli D, Darbellay F. Interdisciplinarity and the 21st century University: League of European Research Universities, 2016.

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