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Stéphanie Perazzone

Stéphanie Perazzone

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Stephanie Perazzone is a doctor in International Relations (IR) and Political Science. Currently based in Geneva and Copenhagen she is lead researcher on a four-year SNSF research project entitled 'Unruly Spaces: Public Space, Society and Politics in Urban Africa’ hosted at the Global Studies Institute (University of Geneva). An expert in African politics and, in particular, of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), her work has focused on linking the anthropology and the global politics of the postcolonial state in urban environments. She is also developing a research agenda that seeks to introduce the notion of the ‘ordinary’ as a critical theoretical device in IR theory, analyses the politics of international intervention in (post-) conflict environments, explores the challenges of qualitative research methods in social sciences, and examines issues of ‘coloniality’ and imperial durabilities in global politics. In so doing, she has engaged with archival research, research-policy transfer, and conducted extensive fieldwork across Central Africa. Beyond academia, she has also gained experience working for and with international organisations, non-governmental organisations and research centres.


  • 2022.   “Fatal Misconceptions: Colonial Durabilities, Violence and Epistemicide in Africa’s Great Lakes Region”, Guest editor with Drs. Charlotte Mertens and David Mwambari, Critical African Studies, University of Edinburgh.


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  • 2019.   “Neighborhood Chiefs in Urban Congo: ‘The state is me, the state is you, the state is all of us’ ”,In Negotiating Public Services in the Congo. State, Society and Governance, Tom de Herdt & Kristof Titeca (eds), London: Zed Books.


  • 2018.    Congo: A State Ecosystem, The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, December 2018.


  •  2021.       ‘Lockdown Diaries: COVID-19 pandemic stories from the DRC and Sierra Leone’, co-authored, Blog series, Africa at LSE, August 25th/30th.
  • 2020.    ‘Les Femmes de Pakadjuma : De Calais à Kinshasa, récit de la naissance d’un livre’, Suluhu, August 17
  • 2020.     ‘Rethinking “fieldwork”: Ethics and identity in globally unequal structures of research’, co-hosted and co-authored with A. Laudati and C. Mertens, Blog series, Africa at LSE, January 31st-February 3rd.
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  • 2017.    Contributor. ‘The Challenges Undisclosed. Reflecting on the invisible experiences of doctoral fieldwork’ In Liz Storer & Anna Shoemaker (eds), Field Diary Issue Series 2, Resilience in East African Landscape.
  • 2017.    Contributor. ‘Advice for Colombia from countries that have sought peace – and sometimes found it’, The Conversation, February 17.


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