In the past, great achievements in the understanding of compound distribution have been made by measuring plasma concentrations. Organ concentrations were not available. With the emerging knowledge of hepatocyte membrane transporters, it is clear that, depending on the relative hepatocyte influx and efflux clearances of compounds, unbound hepatocyte concentrations can exceed, equal, or be lower than unbound plasma concentrations. Disconnection between hepatocyte and plasma concentrations of various endogenous or exogenous compounds becomes even more unpredictable when the expression and functions of membrane transporters are altered during liver diseases.

The topic focuses on transporter imaging. All imaging modalities are used to study the function of hepatocyte membrane transporters. However, nuclear imaging is the primary modality in clinical studies, with 24 clinical trials currently listed in the United States and in Europe PubMed. All articles published in 2016 are highlighted. Reviews published between 2013 and 2015 summarise the importance of the subject.


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