Catherine Pastor received her MD in 1989 and her PhD on "The modifications of hepatic circulation and functions during sepsis: role of nitric oxide" in 1995 at the University of Paris V in France. Between 1992 and 1994, she studied the role of hepatic nitric oxide in the regulatory functions of the liver in the Department of Surgery at the University Hospital of Pittsburgh (US). Since then, she has been appointed director of a research laboratory at the University Hospital of Geneva in Switzerland. In 2013, she became Professor at the medical University Paris-Diderot in France.

Her research topics focused on the physiopathology of diseases in Gastroenterology and Hepatology, including acute pancreatitis and regulation of perfusion and functions in liver diseases, septic shock, and liver transplantation. More recently, she investigated the pharmacology of hepatobiliary drugs, contrast agents, and tracers that enter into hepatocytes through the sinusoidal transporters OATPs and are excreted into bile by transport through the canalicular transporter MRP2. Understanding the hepatocyte pharmacokinetics of hepatobiliary compounds in human and experimental diseases will remain her main research topic in the future.

The main experimental model she uses for these investigations is the isolated and perfused rat liver preparation. The set-up (photo) includes a gamma counter placed over rat liver lobe to measure count rates of labeled drugs ([153Gd]BOPTA and [99mTc]mebrofenin) that can be converted into concentrations. How she assesses concentrations in each liver compartment can be found at PubMed

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Geneva, Switzerland


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