Announcing the new Research Project of the Confucius Institute: the China Pollution Map

Financed through a SNSF grant and led by an international team of researchers, CHIPOMAP is an interdisciplinary effort that combines Chinese Studies, Science & Technology Studies and Risk Studies in the context of the contemporary Chinese environmental crisis.

The project will study in-depth the origins, workings and connections of an Internet-based pollution-monitoring technology operated by a Beijing NGO.

You can find more details on the project at the Research page of the Institute. You can also contact principal investigator Dr. Matteo Tarantino (matteo.tarantino(at) for further questions.

CHIPOMAP is part of the ongoing interest of the Confucius Institute in understanding and discussing environmental affairs related to China. If you have a professional or academic interest in the field, feel free to contact Dr. Tarantino in order to explore possible synergies. We look forward to sharing with you the proceedings of this exciting new project.

11 juillet 2014