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Dana Mahr

Dr. Dana Mahr

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+41 22 379 33 78
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Biology section, Faculty of Science, University of Geneva. 

I am a senior researcher within the ERC/SNF research group “Rethinking Public Participation and Science” (Geneva, Switzerland). In addition, I lead the project "Sense-Making and Personalized Health" within the SNF Sinergia Project "Development of Personalized Health in Switzerland" (Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland). My research centers on how users, customers and patients make sense out of biomedical knowledge. Furthermore, I am interested in the different modes of knowledge co-production between science, medicine and the public, such as citizen science, open science and diy-health technologies. In collaboration with the Institute Confucius I explore how customers perceptions of personalized health technologies differ in Switzerland and China, and how these sense-making processes are informed by the differences in governance styles.

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