Formulaic Language in Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Formulaic language (FL) is generally defined as multiword language phenomena that holistically represent a single meaning or function and are likely stored and used in communication as unanalyzed wholes, just as individual words are. In recent decades, theoretical and empirical research on formulaic sequences (FSs), a critical factor influencing language ability, has burgeoned in the fields of linguistics, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics, cognitive science, and language disorders. However, very few systematic and empirical studies have been conducted on Chinese FSs. This project was motivated by the need for effective pedagogical paths to assist learners of Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language (CSL/CFL) in acquiring FSs.

The project aims to discover the distinctive characteristics of Chinese FSs and impart the results to CSL/CFL teaching communities. In particular, it aims to (1) establish proper identification criteria for Chinese FSs; (2) construct Chinese FS-related corpora; (3) Identify and classify Chinese FSs from the established Chinese textbook corpus; (4) investigate how FSs are used in Chinesetextbooks published in and outside China; (5) provide a pedagogical knowledge database of Chinese FSs for CSL/CFL teachers; (6) investigate the development of FSs amongst CSL/CFL learners; and (7) examine the effectiveness of learning and teaching Chinese FSs under different pedagogical methods based on a classroom teaching experiment.

The findings will have significant implications for CSL/CFL learning and teaching. For example, they will assist in developing textbooks and learners’ dictionaries and prove a valuable resource not only in the domain of language education but also in phraseology, psycholinguistics, and natural language processing research.           

This project is led by Dr. Grâce Poizat (XIE Honghua) and Dr. Roberto Paternostro

For more information, please contact the project’s main researcher BAO Yinhui.


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