Current projects

Precise information retrieval in semantic scientific digital libraries

This research project aims at developing models and tools for precise information retrieval and strategic reading in large scientific document collections. project wiki

Designing and Evaluating 3D Knowledge Visualization Techniques for Urban Planning

The aim of this project is to create and to compare 3D knowledge visualization techniques for visualizing enriched 3D city models. project wiki

A Semantic Digital Library of Urban Models and Resources

The aim of this project is to create a semantic digital library system for storing and interconnecting urban models and resources. project wiki

High performance computing for language acquisition

The main goal of the project LACE (Language Acquisition from Comparable tExts) is to build language modules out of data automatically extracted from comparable corpora. The results are expected to be incorporated in the architecture of UNL-based systems as supplementary resources for natural language disambiguation, both in analysis and generation, and will be used for improving the performance of applications in machine translation, summarization, information retrieval and semantic reasoning. project wiki

Formalization and meaning of the architectural project

This follow-up project has two main aims: 1) to integrate the tools and techniques developed in the initial project into a common extensible and open architectural project environment; 2) to develop new theoretical results to deal with important issues such as flexible constraint resolution, open and closed world reasoning, combining spatial reasoning and inference rules, or finding new relations between architectural co-variants. project wiki

COST Action TU0801 - Semantic enrichment of 3D city models for sustainable urban development

The main objective of the Action is to semantically enrich 3D city models with urban knowledge and models, so as to extend their functionality and usability in a perspective of sustainability... more

Completed Projects

2009 - 2011

Ontology-Based Precise Multilingual Information Retrieval

The project addresses the problem of building Precise Information Retrieval System to access the contents of multilingual document collection. Its aim are: 1) to extend our ontology-based approach for multilingual information retrieval by proposing techniques to disambiguate documents and queries, 2) to extend our ontology-based precise information retrieval system that develop techniques to discover and take into account dimensions from the user queries, 3) to take into account the context of each query and document for building a precise information retrieval system.

2005 - 2009

Integrating Urban Knowledge into 3D City Models

Funded by the Secrectariat d'Etat à l'éducatin et à la recherche. Part of the European COST Action "Urban Ontologies for an Improved Communication in Urban Civil Engineering Projects" (Towntology)... more