A Semantic Digital Library of Urban Models and Resources (2009-...)

The aim of this project is to create a semantic digital library system for storing and interconnecting urban models and re-sources. The term semantic refers here to the fact that each model will be semantically described by linking it to the concepts it deals with. These concepts will be found in an conceptual layer made of several aligned ontologies. An ontology of 3D city objects (derived from CityGML) will be at the heart of the conceptual layer.

The digital library will also store interconnection resources that indicate how to interconnect two models. A particular care will be devoted to defining several types of interconnectors, such as concept mappings, articulation (mediator) concepts, but also algorithmic data mapping (pipes and filters), etc.

The library will be equipped with a web interface through which users will import models and resources, search and compare them, build and store interconnection resources. The usability and usefulness of the system will be demonstrated by using it to assemble a 3D visualization tool that will display, within a 3D city model, results obtained from other models, such as air quality, transport, or energy consumption.

Applicant: Gilles Falquet, Laurent Moccozet

PhD candidat: Camille Tardy

Duration: 36 months

Type: European project