Application for equivalencies (Bachelors' degree programs only)

If you are applying for a Bachelor's degree program, the application for equivalencies is optional, but it is the only way to receive equivalencies for previously-completed (or not) university-level studies.

Applications for equivalencies may only be submitted together with an enrollment application. The two applications will be decided upon separately. The application for equivalencies, processed at the faculty or institute level, is subordinate to the decision of the Admissions Office regarding enrollment eligibility.


  • Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI) : no equivalencies possible for Bachelor's degrees;
  • Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences (FPSE): equivalencies for Bachelor's degrees must be applied for with the Academic Advisor during the first three weeks of the semester;
  • Global Studies Institute: for the Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations (BARI), equivalencies are only granted for successful completion of specific courses; see the BARI rules and regulations.

Please note

  • Any omission or submission of inaccurate or falsified documents can lead to the definitive rejection of admission and/or dismissal from UNIGE;
  • No action shall be taken regarding incomplete files.