Application for admission to a Master's program

If you are applying to a Master's program, the completed application form, along with all required documentation, is required.

If you wish to apply to more than one master's program, complete one application form with all required documentation per master's program applied for and indicate all programs applied for on the enrollment application form (the one you printed out twice after filling it online). Exception: candidates applying to Masters' of Laws should only send one file as the admission requirements are similar for all masters'.

EXCEPTIONS / PLEASE NOTE : no admission form is required for those applying to the following programs/faculties/schools/institutes. INSTEAD, a specific application procedure must be done on the faculty/school/institute's website (with specific deadlines):

Please note

  • Applications for admission to a Master's program may only be submitted together with an enrollment application. The two applications will be decided upon separately. The application for admission to Master's programs, processed at the faculty or institute level, is subordinate to the decision of the Admissions Office regarding enrollment eligibility;
  • Any omission or submission of inaccurate or falsified documents can lead to the definitive rejection of admission and/or dismissal from UNIGE;
  • No action shall be taken regarding incomplete files.