procedures types

Enrollment procedures differ depending on your specific situation.

  1. If you are a new applicant to UNIGE: consult the guide for enrollment conditions, deadlines, required documents, and registration fees. Then click on ‘Next’ to move on to the next step in the registration process. Details on each step in the process.
    • If you already submitted an application last year, your dossier has been kept on file. The procedure will be streamlined. Details on reactivating your application.
    • If you applied more than one year ago, you will need to follow all the steps of the enrollment process (as explained in the guide) and submit a complete (new) dossier.
  2. If you do not hold a Swiss Maturity Certificate: follow the ad hoc procedure (in French only).
  3. If you formerly studied at UNIGE: request re-enrollment (in French only).
  4. If you are currently a student at UNIGE and wish to study in a second program or change your Faculty/Institute/Centre: check the deadlines and learn about the procedure by following the relevant links (all in French only).

Please note: if you belong to one of the categories below, you are not considered a ‘current student’ or a ‘former student’ and must follow the procedure for a new student:

  • Participants in continuing education programs at UNIGE, including those registered for a MAS.
  • Extra-European postdoctoral researchers who were enrolled at UNIGE as part of their post-doc.
  • Exchange students currently at UNIGE.
  • Former exchange students at UNIGE.
  • Auditors