LERU universities call out the importance of sustainable investment and procurement

The LERU universities have just released a new statement expressing how they can contribute to sustainable development through investment and procurement. Universities are future-oriented institutions that play a vital role in the Agenda 2030 through their education, research and public engagement. But they can only be effective agents for change if they practice what they preach and thus adapt their own operations. 

In addition to several examples, the League of European universities (LERU) formulates recommendations for universities and other institutions. It recommends, among other things, to undertake a climate risk assessment to understand the risks to their investments associated with climate change. It is also important to set clear, science-based targets to deliver a net zero greenhouse gaz (GHG) treasury and investment portfolios well as to explore the opportunities for investments to accelerate the transition in “green funds”. 

The LERU universities also recommend considering the embedded carbon of university buildings and fulfilling strong environmental building standards. GHG emissions related to air travel and catering services should also be reduced. 

With this statement, the LERU while is drawing attention to universities’ role as responsible economic and societal actors for sustainable development. 

December 15, 2021