UNIGE obtains eight "4EU+ Mini-Grants"

For its first participation in the "4EU+ Mini-Grants", a scholarship program of Charles University in Prague launched in the framework of the 4EU+ Alliance, the University of Geneva has obtained eight grants.  Of these projects, all of which involve at least three partner universities, three are student initiatives and five are research projects.

The research projects cover a wide range of disciplines, from law, linguistics and medicine to computational analysis, geology and earth sciences. Together, they cover each of the four flagships of the Alliance. Organisation of workshops, training, mobility of researchers, scientific publications, etc.: the activities planned within the framework of these projects are also varied.

The selected student initiatives also have multiple objectives. The first one aims at encouraging and accompanying students in their start-up project. The second seeks to create a summer school on ophthalmology. Finally, the third project wants to create a research community including civil society in order to think about the reconstruction of Ukraine in terms of cultural heritage.

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February 27, 2023