Two 4EU+ funding calls to expand interuniversity cooperation

The 4EU+ Alliance has just launched two funding calls to strengthen the links between academic communities of the seven member universities, boost novel ideas and support ambitious projects toward one main mission: build One Comprehensive European Research-Intensive University.


The SEED4EU+ funding comes directly from the budgets of 4EU+ member universities.  It is open to both existing and new interuniversity teams who wish to develop sustainable joint activities. Going beyond the traditional programmes and areas of collaboration, the development of transversal and out-of-the-box initiatives is encouraged within the scheme.

The 4EU+ Visiting Professorships is open to academics and researchers. Using a two- to three-month stay at another 4EU+ university, selected candidates will carry out joint educational and research activities contributing to the development of new educational frameworks, novel expertise and enhancement of knowledge and skills.

The deadline to submit proposals for both pilot calls is 1 June 2023.

March 27, 2023