Excellence Fellowships

Required elements

Several documents must be submitted to the International Affairs Office as part of the application.


  1. A copy of the document attesting to the fact that the granting body provides a scholarship stipend to the applicant in which the amount and duration of the stipend, as well as criteria and objectives, are stipulated 
  2. The applicant's CV 
  3. A letter of secondment from the home university
  4. A copy of the applicant's passport 
  5. A letter written on University letterhead by the UNIGE professor who will be the scholars’ academic supervisor, in which the professor:


  • Requests that the International Affairs Office award the status of Excellence Scholarship Holder to the applicant (providing a brief motivation and omitting terms such as "hiring", "salary" or "internship-traineeship");  
  • Indicates the precise dates and total length of time the student will be spending at UNIGE;  
  • Confirms his/her readiness to be the student’s academic supervisor; 
  • Mentions that the unit where the student will pursue his/her research will, where necessary, apply for a visa and look for appropriate housing for the applicant.


Upon reception of the above documents the International Affairs Office shall communicate their decision to the student’s academic supervisor and where applicable shall indicate either the administrative procedure to follow for a fast-track registration or other options to pursue.