International (non-Erasmus) - Students


General Information

  • Courses may be chosen from a maximum of two different Faculties
  • Master's-level courses are restricted to postgraduate students and subject availability. Students in their fourth year of studies onwards and students enrolled in the Faculty of Law can contact our office.
  • Master's of Advanced Studies classes, continuing education programmes and research project classes are closed to exchange students.
  • Some seminars may be full or restricted
  • Certain courses may have prerequisites
  • Practical classes (TP) may be accessible upon request
  • Students who wish to attend regular courses are advised to have a sufficient command of French (level B2 and level B1 if taking courses in the École de langue et de civilisation française.

Suggestion: Improve your French before going on your exchange by taking the French Summer Courses, and during the academic year by taking the French Support Courses and participating in the Tandem Programme.
Faculty-specific restrictions

For faculty-specific restrictions please see the following document:
Faculty-Specific Restrictions